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Born in New York and raised between NYC and the Caribbean, Chef Charles Grand credits his love for food to his families constant gatherings. Food has always been a focal point and traveling at such a young age exposed Charles to fresh ingredients that were not accessible in NYC.

With an interest in the Arts & Sports, Charles founded Capital Cookhouse in 2015 to bring people together through food while providing a nurturing and healing creative experience.

Charles’ cuisine of choice is Afro Caribbean fusion. Creating from scratch and using fresh ingredients similar to those found during summers spent in the Caribbean, is the style of cooking that Chef Charles Grand leans into.

Whether Chef Charles Grand is hosting an Underground Pop Up or curating the experience for a Private Dinner Party, you will see his culture and interests throughout the evening.

Chef Charles Grand also cooks with CBD to assist clients that may be diagnosed with different ailments - to the athlete that is looking to recover. Chef Grand has a MPA degree and over 10 years of experience in Healthcare Management. As a current athlete and chef, Charles understands the importance of proper nutrition to function at a high level.

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